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Below are databases the Libraries' subscribed to within the past 90 days, with the most recent acquisitions listed first.

The Local and Independent Ukrainian Newspapers collection traces the history of Ukraine during its early period of independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the events leading up to the Orange Revolution (2004–2005). Comprising over 900 titles, this database includes local newspapers from over 340 cities and towns—including publications from each of Ukraine’s 27 regions. This hyperlocal coverage provides researchers with granular insight into regional and ethnic interests, concerns, and conflicts that are still relevant today. Many of the titles are in Ukrainian and Russian; this collection also includes ethnic newspapers in languages such as: Armenian, Crimean Tatar, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, and more. A limited number of contemporaneous Ukrainian community publications from other territories are also included.
Looking for a specific jazz record or CD? Want to find everything recorded by a particular bandleader or musician? Want to know who played with whom, and when? Want to find who recorded a particular tune? The Jazz Discography (TJD) is the world’s largest and most complete source of information about jazz records and jazz recording sessions.
Contemporary Anthropology: Archaeological Fieldwork and Methods brings together archival and textual material relating to archaeological excavations, methods, and practices done in the late 20th century to present day. It provides insights into the lives, cultures, and societies of ancient and not-so-distant civilizations through the analysis of material remains and artifacts from the past. This collection allows researchers and students to use archival material and published works to better understand, analyse, and critique archaeological research. Featured in this collection is the The Cusichaca Trust Archive sourced from the Senate House Library, University of London. Led by archaeologist Ann Kendall, the Trust did numerous excavations in the South-Central Andes from 1980s-2010s. The archaeology, archaeobotany and ethnohistorical work focused on human occupation of the area from the late first millennium BC, through Inca expansion and into the Spanish Colonial period.
The backfiles of a variety of 20th-century serials covering many aspects of children's lives and interests. These include titles focusing on education, entertainment / literature, news, and religion / moral development. As well as shedding light on the history of childhood and family life during this period, these titles provide alternative perspectives in the study of 20th-century advertising/marketing, popular culture, education, media, and print culture.
The American Jewish Congress, founded in 1918 under the leadership of Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter, and Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, is one of the most important organizations dedicated to advocating for the interests of the American Jewish community and defending the civil rights of all Americans. The American Jewish Congress Records span from 1915-2009 and document the American Jewish Congress’s impact on the United States legal system, civil rights and liberties, the fight against discrimination and antisemitism, and support for the State of Israel. The records of the American Jewish Congress are digitized by ProQuest from the holdings of the American Jewish Historical Society. This module represents the first seven series of the collection, covering the history of the American Jewish Congress, the proceedings of its governing committees, the files of the Executive Directors, and records of the organization’s national conventions.
The backfiles of more than 25 periodicals reflecting the 20th/21st–century history of a variety of movements and ideologies on the political left. These titles include Marxist, socialist, communist, social democratic, and Fabianist publications, addressing key topics and events such as labour history / workers' rights, international socialism, anti-Nazi movements, Red Scares, class struggles, campaigns / legislation, and youth radicalism.

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