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W&M Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases which you can search here by database name, subject or type. Finding the right database can help you search for highly relevant journal articles, books, documents and much more.

Additionally, we host several datasets for research and also provide subscriptions to popular newspapers like the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

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Below are databases the Libraries' subscribed to within the past 90 days, with the most recent acquisitions listed first.

The Soviet-Era Ukrainian Newspapers (SEUN) collection traces the history of Ukraine during the early 20th Century leading up to World War II —covering the Ukrainian War of Independence, the Holodomor, and other events leading up to WWII. Comprising over 50,000 pages and five titles, SEUN includes newspapers from three cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. This collection includes newspapers in both Ukrainian and Russian. Covers 1899 to 1939.
Founded in 1981, the Daily Observer is Liberia’s best-known, independent, national newspaper. The Daily Observer is notable for its coverage of the modern history of Liberia—including the Liberian Civil War and through its current phase of development. Comprising over 35,000 pages, the Daily Observer Digital Archive (DODA) is a comprehensive archive of this title—published in English.
The Local and Independent Ukrainian Newspapers collection traces the history of Ukraine during its early period of independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the events leading up to the Orange Revolution (2004–2005). Comprising over 900 titles, this database includes local newspapers from over 340 cities and towns—including publications from each of Ukraine’s 27 regions. This hyperlocal coverage provides researchers with granular insight into regional and ethnic interests, concerns, and conflicts that are still relevant today. Many of the titles are in Ukrainian and Russian; this collection also includes ethnic newspapers in languages such as: Armenian, Crimean Tatar, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, and more. A limited number of contemporaneous Ukrainian community publications from other territories are also included.
Pivot-RP accelerates the research process by providing access to the most comprehensive global source of research funding opportunities, facilitating collaborator discovery, and offering insights and short-cuts to help research organizations win a larger share of available funding. *Users must create an account on the site to access the database. Select "create account" and follow the guided instructions using your institutional email address. After filling in personal information and selecting your institution from the pulldown list of "Affiliated Member Institutions"; you will receive an email with a validation link to confirm the registration*
  • This database is a trial which expires February 29, 2024. We appreciate your feedback.
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