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W&M Libraries subscribes to hundreds of databases which you can search here by database name, subject or type. Finding the right database can help you search for highly relevant journal articles, books, documents and much more.

Additionally, we host several datasets for research and also provide subscriptions to popular newspapers like the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

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Below are databases the Libraries' subscribed to within the past 90 days, with the most recent acquisitions listed first.

An archive of Footwear News, with coverage from its first issue in 1945 to the present. Articles, advertisements, and covers are included, with searchable text and article-level metadata. Footwear News was launched as the first dedicated news periodical of the footwear industry and the archive preserves 75+ years of essential global industry news, analysis, and coverage of seasonal trends.
Nowy Dziennik (The New Daily) is the largest independent Polish-language newspaper in the United States, serving as a key source of information for the Polish émigré community. Its opinion-forming reporting covers current social, political, sports, cultural, and religious events.
Founded in 1995 in New York City, V Novom Svete (В Новом Свете, In the New World) was the most popular weekly newspaper among the fourth wave of immigrants from the former USSR, which began in the late 1980s. V Novom Svete published striking interviews with contemporary political and cultural leaders of modern Russia, as well as pieces on the life of the Russian community in the United States.
Since 2010, Hispanic Americans have accounted for more than half of all U.S. population growth, profoundly shaping the nation’s demographics, culture, and politics. With Series 3, Hispanic Life in America is updated to reflect the latest news in government, business, and arts—from the U.S. immigration policies and the response at the U.S. southern border, to the Dreamers and the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), as well as the ongoing influence of Hispanic American businesses, politicians, musicians, athletes, and others.
With vetted content from quality sources—including newspapers, magazines, videos, newswires, journals and interview transcripts— Asian Life in America, Series 3: 2018-Today is vital for understanding the ever evolving experiences of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. From the Muslim immigration ban to the surge in hate crimes to rising interest in Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, contemporary news continues to shape and inform Asian American life.
Primary source database focusing on North American and European adult comic books and graphic novels. The collection includes original material from the 1960s to today along with interviews, commentary, theory, and criticism from journals, books, and magazines.
  • This database is a trial which expires June 30, 2024. We appreciate your feedback.
    Constellate is a text analysis platform that integrates access to scholarly content and open educational resources into a cloud-based lab. Users can apply text analysis methods to datasets, and hone their skills with support from on-demand tutorials. The platform draws on content from the JSTOR corpus as well as from 100+ publishers preserving content with Portico providing millions of primary and secondary sources across many fields of study. NOTE: In order to access the full range of features, users must create or sign in with their JSTOR account.
  • This database is a trial which expires June 14, 2024. We appreciate your feedback.
    TDM Studio is a cloud-based text and data mining solution that allows users to analyze text and data from licensed Proquest content, including: newspapers, scholarly articles, dissertations, theses, and government databases. With this content, users can build a corpus and conduct data analysis, text mining, and visualization to uncover relationships, patterns, and connections within and between datasets. The platform allows users to use their preferred data analysis methods in a coding workbench in Jupyter Notebook Environment, or a pre-defined data visualization module with no coding experience required. Users must create an account with their email address to gain access by following the steps below: 1. Go to 2. Click “Create Account” button 3. Use your institution/university email address to create your account and create a password 5. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions, and select "create account" 6.  You will receive an email with a link to verify your email address. 7. Once verified, you should be able to login and explore TDM studio.