Camp RFID Summer Diaries: Alex Luck

Our summer staff share their experiences on spending the summer days in the Swem stacks, placing RFID tags on over a million books!

Name: Alex Luck

Year: Junior ‘23

Pronouns: She/her

Department/Position: Circulation department, PSA

What do you think about the RFID project? I’m excited about it! The RFID system will help continue to make Swem the best and most efficient resource for our students to use!

Describe what it has been like to be a part of the RFID team. It has been AMAZING! The team meshes so well together, and everyone is willing to put in work (even when it’s boring) and bring their best ideas to the table!

What has been your favorite experience with the RFID team so far? When we are able to just joke and laugh during down time! Also our spirit days have become something to look forward to every Thursday :)

What is the most interesting new thing you’ve learned about the library? I’ve worked here for over a year now, but I am always so blown away by just how many resources Swem has. Between loaning out device chargers, and our plethora of dog books, Swem just has so many things! I feel like I’ll always continue to learn new things about the library no matter how long I work here.

What is your favorite part about working at the library? THE PEOPLE! Everyone makes working fun and makes coming to work not feel like a chore. Between the RFID interns and the full-time staff, it’s like a crazy and dysfunctional family.

Do you have any fun plans for the summer? Not really, I want to maybe go up to DC at some point, but other than that being in Williamsburg is my fun summer plan.