Board of Directors

The Swem Library Board of Directors is a group of 20 supporters who are guided by the vision and goals of the Library as articulated by the Dean of University Libraries.  They work to secure funding and publicity for Swem, not only by their work in Swem but by sponsoring events around the country. The Board meets twice a year, generally in conjunction with College-wide events. Just as the library is the heart of a great university, so the Board is the heart of this great library.

Executive Committee:  
Chair Kathleen B. Koch '80, East Grand Rapids, MI
Vice-Chair  Mike Spinella '78, Little Falls, NJ
Development and Outreach Committee Chair Caryn A. Wagner '79, Arlington, VA
Nominating and Board Development Chair Margaret Nelson Phillips '79, Lynchburg, VA
Ad hoc Marketing Committee Co-Chairs Lee Camp, Richmond, VA
  Catherine Wilson LaMon '77, Atlanta, GA
  Gale Arnold '58, Washington, DC
  Mark T. Beck, Wallington, NJ
  Ellen F. Brown '90, Richmond, VA
  Virginia Rose Cherry '66, Stony Creek, VA
  Scott G. Clayton '97, Richmond, VA
  Virginia Stuart Dopp '62, Charlottesville, VA
  Ginger B. Glenn '85, Vienna, VA
  Jill M. Gunn, Coronado, CA
  John D. Johnson '92, Chapel Hill, NC
  Catherine Wilson LaMon '77, Atlanta, GA
  Michael J. Rogan '81, Boston, MA
  Jacob H. Rooksby '04, Pittsburgh, PA
  Bill Schmierer, Williamsburg, VA
  Caryn A. Wagner '79, Arlington, VA
Administrative Representative Ginger Ambler '88
Faculty Representative Arthur Knight
Emeriti Representative Winfred O. Ward '54
Student Representative Nathaniel J. Clemens '17
Dean of University Libraries Carrie L. Cooper
Development Officer Kimberly R. Separ
Communications Officer Tami C. Back
Board Secretary Barbara Boyer
Board Administrative Liaison Vacant