Camp RFID Summer Diaries: Jamie Brandenburg

Our summer staff share their experiences on spending the summer days in the Swem stacks, placing RFID tags on over a million books!

Name: Jamie Brandenburg

Year: Recent graduate!

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Department/Position: Circulation Summer Assistant

What do you think about the RFID project? I think once we get RFID implemented throughout the library it is significantly going to increase the ease with which individuals can check out materials and streamline the entire library process! It is really going to make things so much easier for not only the patrons but also library staff.

Describe what it has been like to be a part of the RFID team. The RFID team has gotten very close. It is a lot of fun to have comradery around getting this project done and working as a team. We even have spirit days!

What has been your favorite experience with the RFID team so far? Everyday we have a question of the day on a whiteboard that everyone answers. I love getting to know more about my coworkers through their answers and even try to guess who wrote which answer!

What is the most interesting new thing you’ve learned about the library? I have worked at the library for almost 4 years now and thought I knew a lot about the library but with this project I was amazed by just how many items we have in our collection. You see the shelves and recognize they are full of books but when you hear the number 800,000 it really sinks in how large and extensive the collection is.

What is your favorite part about working at the library? It’s the people. The staff at Swem and everyone involved in this project are awesome and make working during the summer enjoyable!

Do you have any fun plans for the summer? We are trying to plan some day trips around Virginia. There are so many awesome sites and things to do close to home that we never get to enjoy and this is the perfect time to do them! Luray Caverns is definitely high on our list!