College Farm

College Farm, Aerial 1946The College Farm of the College of William and Mary was active in the 1920s-1940s. According to a 1935 Alumni Gazette article the farm was first organized in 1923 by President J.A.C. Chandler. The 65 acre farm supplied vegetables and fruit for the college dining hall.

It was located at the site of present day Phi Beta Kappa Hall, Andrews Hall, and Swem Library.

During World War II, to supplement the farm, William & Mary operated a poultry plant on the site of the former CCC camp (present day site of W&M Hall). A Daily Press news article dated July, 1944, noted that neighbors on College Terrace complained of a "putrid" odor from chicken manure placed on nearby fields. The article stated "All Wednesday night, wafted on the wings of gentle southwest winds, it smelled and residents in the area suffered for lack of gas masks." One resident suggested the odor be bottled and dropped on the country's enemies.