Finals Fuel: Fresh Tunes to Power Through Finals

W&M Libraries, Music Library and Special Collections Research Center have teamed up to bring you “Finals Fuel”: some fresh tunes from the last decade for powering through finals season and easing into those upcoming summer vibes. Our stellar Special Collections team has excavated a few playlists that were curated by various student organizations and shared with the campus community during Finals Week 2011 and 2012. Find out what W&M students were listening to then, and check out the Music Library’s latest batch of curated playlists that feature music from each year of the past decade… a “best-of” vibe with some sounds from off the beaten path. We hope this helps you shake off some of those Finals Feels and groove right into the summer. Congrats on making it to the end of the semester and don’t forget to reach out to the library for any of your last minute research needs!

Check out the playlists for the past decade below, and head over to the Music Library’s Spotify profile (wmmusiclibrary) for even more audio goodness.

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