Work at SCRC Involves More than Books: An Intern's Perspective

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July 26, 2017

“You work at the library? So, do you put books away and stuff?”

Er – no.

While our vast collection of books is one of the astonishing things that I love about Earl Gregg Swem Library, on a normal day I am usually sliding between computer screens, meetings, and the occasional trip to the Daily Grind.

I enjoy the ‘Burg’s sweltering summer heat while staying cool in Special Collections. As one of the four undergraduate Mosaic Summer Interns, I have been partnered with my mentor Carmen Bolt, W&M Libraries’ Oral Historian. We’ve worked together to research, prepare, and conduct oral histories, which is a neat way of saying we audio- and visually-record people’s unique stories about William & Mary; so far these individuals have included alumni and faculty.

I’ve also gotten the chance to work in different departments of the library: I have helped curate an exhibit in the library for the 50th anniversary of African Americans in residence, and I even took a class with fellow students and faculty, creating a mural for the 50th!

This internship has given me a chance to learn many skills and open my eyes to see librarianship in a new way. Being in spaces surrounded by the history and narratives of others--and learning more about how we present these memories--has all allowed me to create a more complete view of my Self Design Interdisciplinary major: Digital Storytelling. I’m so glad I took this opportunity and worked with such a wonderful and supportive team! Swem Library will forever be a home inside of my green and gold home!

Written by Mosaic Intern Azana Carr