Finding my second home in the Reeder Media Center

Posted on
April 1, 2019

By Alicia Draper, Reeder Media Center student assistant

It only took one tour of William & Mary for me to know that the College was for me. I remember that day fondly. The weather was absolutely perfect, the sun was out, and the temperature was about 72 degrees. During the tour, we took two steps in to Swem, only to be quickly escorted out, and shown other parts of campus. My tour guide briefly described the “Reeder Media Center” as a place for renting photography & film equipment. At the time, I was taking TV production and film study electives at my high school. Needless to say, I wanted needed to see what all they had to offer.

When I went down to the space, I remember being mesmerized by all the workstations, each equip with 27-inch iMac’s. Little did I know, the Media Center also has a production room, media studios, a comprehensive collection of lenses for DSLR cameras, several video cameras that shoot 4K, and so much more.

The first semester of my freshman year, I made frequent visits to the Media Center; I studied there, met up with friends, even read the news with freshly brewed coffee from Aromas. I easily sent 5 different emails with a resume attached to each to highlight my interest to become a Media Specialist at the Reeder Media Center. Fortunately, my [email] prayers were answered, I was invited to interview, and hired to work at the Media Center during the second semester of my freshman year.

After working as a Media Specialist at the Reeder Media Center for five semesters, I have had the opportunity to work with professional photography & film equipment. I have crowned myself as the “trouble-shooting queen” because I pride myself in my ability to help every patron with any problem. The best part of working at the Media Center? Honestly, answering that question would entail a list that never ends. For one, the patrons who come through to use the Media Center resources are some of the most creative and charismatic individuals I have ever met. While some come in for a class project, many of our patrons have personal projects. Helping them get the equipment they need to pursue their passions is extremely fulfilling.

Another reason I love working at the Media Center is because I love the people I work with. My coworkers are the absolute best group of people, many of whom have become my close friends. I try not to think about my last shift at the Media Center. I know that day will make my heart ache. The Media Center has been a place for me to build friendships and explore my own creativity. I will never be able to share my College experience without mentioning the best place on campus.