Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles Podcast: Sara Belmont, '97

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April 30, 2021

For the month of April, the Music Library has been celebrating International Amateur Radio Month. To round things out for this month, we decided to take a deeper look into our very own campus radio station, WCWM 90.9 FM. Check out our three-part series, “Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles” hosted by W&M’s Arts Librarian, Morgan Davis. The series features Corey Bridges, Senior Station Manager at WCWM, Emma Shahin, WCWM DJ and editor-in-chief of WCWM’s magazine "Vinyl Tap," and Sara Belmont, '97, a W&M alumna who is a former DJ at WCWM. Each episode of the series also includes a playlist curated by each of our stellar guests. We hope you enjoy! 

Episode 3

Sara Belmont, '97

W&M Libraries Web Developer, W&M alumna, and former DJ at WCWM

What was WCWM like in the 90s? What stellar stuff do WCWM DJs go on to do with their lives? Tune in to this episode of Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles to take a trip back in time with Sara Belmont, former DJ at WCWM and current W&M Libraries Web Developer.  

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Sara's 90s Indie Pop Playlist