Introducing Veronica Parker, Collections Specialist

Posted on
December 9, 2021

In this post, we introduce W&M Libraries' new acquisitions assistant, Veronica Parker!

Name: Veronica Parker

Title: Collections Specialist

What does your job entail?
My job will primarily consist of accessioning and processing new materials that arrive at the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC). This means I will be examining, describing, and housing collections to make them available to our researchers. In addition to these main priorities, I will also be assisting our front desk team, participating in programing, outreach events, and other departmental tasks as needed.

What interests you most about this job?
I was very excited by the prospect of working with objects steeped in history. Many of the collections I interacted with in the past were modern ones; containing few materials older than fifty years or so. The vast array of materials stewarded by the SCRC span centuries. Just this morning I began work on the record for a letter from 1781.

What do you hope to accomplish in your first year?
My main goal is to increase the number of objects the Special Collections Research Center has accessible to our students and researchers.

Tell us a little about your work background:
My master’s degree is in art history. For the last seven years or so, I have worked with art and manuscript collections in museum as well as library settings. The two most recent places prior to William & Mary were the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University, and the James Branch Cabell Special Collections and Archives at VCU.

What attracted you to W&M?
The people and the history of the University. William & Mary has existed from before the founding of the United States into the present day. Very few places can claim the same. As a historian, I found the opportunity to work with the collections irresistible.

Several of my friends and co-workers previously worked or studied at William & Mary, and they had nothing but praise for the University. Though I have only been here for a short time, I would have to agree. The sense of belonging I felt when I first stepped on campus is not something that can be manufactured.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Reading and writing are my two largest pastimes. My favorite genre is fantasy, but I enjoy science fiction nearly as much. Since the pandemic hit, I have joined a Shakespeare reading group with some friends, and I started fostering kittens.