Botetourt Screening Room

The Botetourt Screening Room, located on the ground floor of Swem, is available primarily to support the following:

  • Library instruction
  • Course related screenings
  • Use by faculty for occasional class sessions

NOTE: Because of copyright restrictions, any screening/performance of video materials outside of an official course offering is not permitted unless rights are acquired. 

Equipment and Features

  • The maximum capacity of the room is 20 persons.
  • The screening room is equipped to display VHS video, Blu-ray/DVD video  with surround sound and HD rear projection.
  • A wall panel can accept input from a laptop, MAC or PC via HDMI or VGA (note, there is no computer in the room). 
  • Media desk staff is available to provide general support for events in the room during Media desk operating hours.

Scheduling the Botetourt Screening Room

Please email us to reserve this space.