Burger Conference Room

The Burger Conference Room is located on the First Floor in Special Collections. It is for the use of Swem staff. It must be scheduled by a member of Special Collections staff (Ute Schechter or Jay Gaidmore). Use of room by any non-library group must be approved by Director of Special Collections Jay Gaidmore.

Food & Drink

Limited quantities of food and drink are allowed, but please be discreet. Food is not allowed in the main reading room.  All food debris, plates, cups, etc., should be placed in the wastebasket in the Special Collections kitchen and not left in the Burger Conference Room or in any other wastebaskets in Special Collections.


Twelve people fit around the tables comfortably when the tables are configured to be a conference table. Others (probably up to eight more) may sit around the perimeter. The tables are on wheels and may be moved into other configurations. The person holding the meeting is responsible for moving tables and adding any other chairs and equipment such as whiteboards into the room. The person is also responsible for moving the tables back into the original configuration.


There is a large screen monitor connected to a laptop. There is not a phone, so another phone would have to be brought in for a conference call.