Internet Use Policy

Intellectual Freedom and Privacy

As a “limited public forum,” Swem Library is committed to the First Amendment principles of intellectual freedom and open access to information on the Internet.  It upholds the right of every individual to access constitutionally protected Internet content without censorship or scrutiny by others. 

User Responsibilities

  • Users are expected to abide by the university’s Information Technology Acceptable Computer Use Policies.
  • Parents are responsible for monitoring Internet content accessed by their children.
  • Users are prohibited from using library computers to access illegal online material, such as child pornography.

Library Responsibilities

  • The Library will provide confidential, unrestricted access to constitutionally protected online information.
  • The Library is not responsible for the quality, accuracy or validity of information found on the Internet.
  • Library staff are not responsible for determining what constitutes obscene Internet content as defined by law. If a patron judges content viewed by another as obscene or objectionable, library staff can assist the offended patron with finding an alternate location to work.

Breach of Policy

Violations of user policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of library privileges. Appeals may be directed to University Librarian Carrie Cooper.

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Updated 12/2013