Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles Podcast: Corey Bridges

For the month of April, the Music Library celebrates International Amateur Radio Month. To round things out for this month, we decided to take a deeper look into our very own campus radio station, WCWM 90.9 FM. Check out our three-part series, “Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles” hosted by W&M’s Arts Librarian, Morgan Davis. The series features Corey Bridges, Senior Station Manager at WCWM, Emma Shahin, WCWM DJ and editor-in-chief of WCWM’s magazine “Vinyl Tap,” and Sara Belmont, '97, a W&M alumna who is a former DJ at WCWM. Each episode of the series also includes a playlist curated by each of our stellar guests. We hope you enjoy! 

Episode 1

Corey Bridges

Senior Station Manager at WCWM

Ever wonder how WCWM is run and managed? Tune in to this episode of Nuts + Bolts + Sprinkles to find out from Senior Station Manager, Corey Bridges to learn all about it.

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Corey's Playlist: