Student Voices: Nic DeAngio

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April 13, 2018

I started working at Swem in my very first week of freshman year and fell in love with the place immediately. On my first day, I wandered the library to fill out a scavenger-hunt-esque training exercise that introduced me to the labyrinth of books that serves as the cultural capital of our campus. The building really does it all. It’s a place to study in silence, a place to joke with friends, to grab a coffee or a camera, to attend a film screening or a club meeting; a place to pet Gordo the therapy dog.

I’ve enjoyed learning the ins and outs of how Swem works, specifically watching how its changed over time. Having worked for the Library Express Delivery Team for three years now, it’s fascinating to have witnessed the increase of resources Swem has to offer. We’ve updated our websites, enhanced our work with Colonial Williamsburg’s John D. Rockefeller Library, and extended our hold shelf to include student requests as well as staff members. One of my favorite developments was the addition of our green and gold decaled Swem van, which I proudly flaunt as I make deliveries off campus.

Unfortunately, my time at Swem is drawing to a close – I’m graduating this May with an English degree and creative writing minor. My four years with the library have been some of the most enjoyable and rewarding of my college career, and I can’t imagine having worked anywhere else. Some of my favorite memories include zooming around campus in my golf cart, shelving ancient books with strange titles, and crafting our annual winter book snowman. And, of course, working with some of the most welcoming, hardworking, and incredible people I’ve ever met. Being a part of the Swem family has been an honor and a delight, since I’ve loved contributing to the excellent work we do for our campus and community. As the sun sets on my time with the library, I’ll have a heavy heart with my bag of books when I make my final triumphant delivery run, smiling a bittersweet smile as I hang up my golf cart keys one last time. 

Ever grateful,
Nic DeAngio