Swem Library Takes to the Skies with Drone Delivery Service

Posted on
April 1, 2023

We hear the difficulty of getting to Swem with the ongoing construction. To make getting your books and equipment easier, we are now providing delivery straight to your office or dorm room by drone! This new feature works in conjunction with our popular Click & Collect and Library Delivery services—simply choose the materials you need from our catalog, select the “Request” option, choose “Drone” from the list of options, and click your location on the map that appears. 

Composited image of a drone carrying a stack of books to a campus dorm
A new drone, powered by Shweep™, delivers books to Lemon and Hardy Halls. (Image created in Photoshop)

Drone delivery offers numerous benefits to W&M Libraries and the community, including greater efficiency and less reliance on gas-fueled vehicles for deliveries. Additionally, the drones make reaching remote or hard-to-access locations easier. Imagine having reading materials delivered on-demand while you’re studying in the Sunken Gardens!

We are also developing a drone return system with state-of-the-art tractor beam technology to detect and lift materials ready for return from predefined drop locations around campus. We are still in the early phases of testing this technology, but with the help of our campus partners, we hope to roll out return service April 1, 2024.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the sky for flying sheep, and we hope you enjoy this April Fools' Day joke!