Dear friends,

As I begin my fifth year with William & Mary, I’m excited by the many ways I see our libraries supporting teaching and learning.

Our librarians are instructional partners, able to strengthen learning experiences for students.
We have been able to meet the exploding demand for information literacy classes, so that 84 percent of students now receive library instruction in their first year at William & Mary. Exposing students to new ideas, sparking their creativity and satisfying their intellectual curiosity is at the core of what we do every day.

Swem is poised to serve as an incubator for the university’s new liberal arts general education curriculum. Extending across all four years of the undergraduate experience, the new curriculum will equip students with the critical thinking and communication skills that will make them productive leaders in their professions.

The library has also been able to meet changing patterns of use by offering diverse, flexible areas that foster collaboration and creativity, and with over 1 million visits last year, we know our space continues to play a vital role in the fabric of our campus.

Our ability to support our students’ success is dependent on people like you – people who support the university through their time and treasure. Here at Swem, we rely heavily on private support; in fact, 25 percent of our budget is funded through private donations.

Thank you for supporting the future of our students and this prestigious university!

With Tribe pride,

Carrie's signature

Carrie L. Cooper
Dean of University Libraries