Types of Gifts

Annual Gifts

Annual gifts are contributions to W&M Libraries by alumni, parents, and friends. Many annual gifts are unrestricted and allow us to address the most pressing needs and projects. All annual gifts are tax deductible. The most pressing needs fund for W&M Libraries is the W&M Libraries Make a Difference Fund (Allocation #3108). 

Memorial & Honorarium Gifts

W&M Libraries welcomes the opportunity to honor a loved one with a gift to enhance the library.  Many options for making a difference include program support, collections enhancement, staff education and technology upgrades. 

If you would like to donate a special volume, an electronic bookplate can be created.  For more information, please contact the Development Office.

Senior Class Gifts

Give back to your university by making a senior class gift. Your gift will support your class in its goal of giving back so that William & Mary can continue to be a university For the Bold. You can designate your donation to W&M Libraries by selecting the fund (3108) W&M Libraries Make A Difference Fund on the giving page.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are a perfect way to make a long lasting contribution to W&M Libraries. They are also ideal for those who wish to support W&M Libraries significantly, but do not currently have the flexibility to make an outright gift. Some choose to support us with bequests, retirement plans, charitable gift annuities, or trusts.

A knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to assist you and your professional advisors in accomplishing your charitable, financial, and estate planning objectives.  For further information, please contact the Development Office or one of our gift planning specialists.

Gifts of Materials & Equipment

If you are interested in donating materials to W&M Libraries, please contact External Relations.

Matching Gifts

Many companies encourage employees, their families and retirees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Matching gifts can double, or even triple, your giving impact to the W&M Libraries. Consult with your Human Resources office to find out if your employer has a matching gift program. Matching gifts help you expand your support but may not be used to satisfy an outstanding personal pledge that you have made to William & Mary.

Endowment Gifts

Endowments help provide steady income to support our collections and other library activities.  An endowment creates a gift in perpetuity for W&M Libraries; named library endowments may be established with a minimum contribution of $100,000.  Endowment gifts can be created through an outright gift, a pledge, or as part of a planned gift.  Additionally, we provide the most affordable endowment option for donors to the university. To create a new endowment, please contact the Development Office.

Naming Opportunities

We have a multitude of naming opportunities.  There are many staff positions that can be named, as well as many opportunities within Swem Library itself, since its renovation and expansion in 2005. There are numerous study spaces, public areas, and galleries that remain available.  If you are interested in exploring these options, please contact the Development Office.  We would be happy to discuss them with you.

Special Collections

Our wonderful special collections are due to the generosity of many people who have given personal or family papers, organizational papers, treasured books, and other items over the years.  We continue to rely primarily on donations, both monetary and material, to build our collections.  Whenever possible, gift titles are previewed for suitability before being accepted.  If you are interested in donating books or funds to purchase books, please contact Special Collections.

Reunion Gifts

Your class reunion gift can be allocated to W&M Libraries! Class reunions are a great way to reconnect and give back to the university on behalf of your class. Each class celebrates a reunion every five years from the 5th through the 50th.

  • More information about the 5th through 45th Reunion Class Gifts can be found at the Homecoming website.
  • Information about the 50th Reunion Class Gift can be found at the 50th Reunion website.