Mission Statement

The mission of the W&M Libraries Board of Directors is to support the libraries in its critical role as the central information and technological resource for William & Mary and the diverse communities it serves. The Board is guided in the pursuit of this mission by the vision and goals articulated by the Dean of University Libraries.

The Board seeks new members who are alumni, spouses of alumni, parents of students and non-alumni who show a demonstrated interest in Swem Library and are willing to serve and make a commitment to William & Mary.  Other factors that are considered include the ability and desire to make significant and/or consistent financial contributions to the university, one who will add to the diversity of the Board, one who can make a commitment of time to serve on the Board and is willing to attend meetings in Williamsburg, and who works in industries relating to libraries. 

Board members serve one three year term (that is renewable for a second term). The board meets in Williamsburg twice per year and is vocal in its support of Swem Library and its priorities.  If you have an interest in learning more about board service and our nominating process, please contact the Development Office.