New publications by W&M faculty

William & Mary faculty are prolific writers. They produce novels, textbooks, poetry, historic analyses, bibliographical catalogs, and much more. At W&M Libraries, we strive to celebrate faculty publications and make them available to our campus community.

Below is a list of latest publications written by William & Mary faculty members – nearly all of which are available for check-out at Swem Library or other campus library. Several are also available as e-books. Check them out today!

Bilkovic, Donna Marie. VIMS. Co-editor of Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-Based Shoreline Protection. VIMS HT 391 .L58 2017 & e-book

Blackmon, Stephanie J. Education. Editor of MOOCs and Higher Education: Implications for Institutional Research. LB2395.7 .M37 2016

Blossom, Andrew. English. Editor of The Evil One: Stories. PS 3602 .B66 E94 2017

Blouet, Brian. Geography and International Education. Latin America and the Caribbean: A Systematic and Regional Survey. 7th edition. F 1408 .L3863 2015

Braddock, Alan C. Art and Art History. Greene Country Towne: Philadelphia’s Ecology in the Cultural Imagination. HT 243 .U62 P45 2016

Campbell, Bruce B. Modern Languages and Literatures. Detectives, Dystopias, and Poplit: Studies in Modern German Genre Fiction. PT 774 .D46 2014

Chandler, Kimberley. Education. Co-editor of Effective Program Models for Gifted Students from Underserved Populations. LC 3393.9 .E39 2014

Criddle, Evan J. Law. Fiduciaries of Humanity: How International Law Constitutes Authority. KZ 3410 .C745 2016

Criddle, Evan J. Law. Editor of Human Rights in Emergencies. K 3240 .H85723 2016

Dickter, Cheryl & Kieffaber, Paul. Psychology. EEG Methods for the Psychological Sciences. RC 343 .D53 2014

Di Paola, Michael. Education. Improving Instruction through Supervision, Evaluation, and Professional Development. e-book

Di Paola, Michael. Education. Leadership and School Quality. LB 2801 .A1 L43 2015

Donnor, Jamel K. Education. Co-editor of The Charter School Solution: Distinguishing Fact From Fiction. LB 2806.36 .A44 2016

Donnor, Jamel K. Education. Co-editor of Critical Race Theory in Education: All God’s Children Got a Song. 2nd ed. LC 196 .D59 2017

Donnor, Jamel K. Education. Co-editor of Scandals in College Sports. GV 351 .S33 2017

Dudik, Eliot. Photography. Or Give me Death. TR 655 .O7 2016

Eddy, Pamela L. Education. Creating Strategic Partnerships: A guide for Educational Institutions and their Partners. LB 2341.92 .E33 2014

Eddy, Pamela L. Education. Co-editor of Critical Approaches to Women and Gender in Higher Education. LC 1567 .C75 2017

Eddy, Pamela L. Education. Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Contexts, Challenges, and Capabilities. LB 2341 .E334 2015

Edwards-Ingram, Ywone. Anthropology. The Art and Soul of African American Interpretation. F234 .W7 E35 2016

Fauvel, Maryse. Modern Languages and Literatures. Exposer l’autre : Essay sur le Musee du Quai Branly et la Cite Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration (To Exhibit the “Other”: Essay on the Musee du Quai Branly and the Cite Nationale de l’Histoire de l’Immigration/Museum of Immigration). GN36 .F82 F38 2014

Fehrenbach, R.J. English. General editor of Private Libraries in Renaissance England, Volume 8. Archives Z 997.2 .G7 P75 1991

Galivan, Martin. Anthropology. The Powhatan Landscape: An Archaeological History of the Algonquain Chesapeake. E 99 .P85 G36 2016

Gareis, Christopher R. Education. Teacher-Made Assessments: How to Connect Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Learning. LB 3051 .G28 2015

Gioielli, Emily R. History. Co-editor of The Politics of Contested Narratives: Biographical Approaches to Modern European History. D 13.5 .E85 P65 2015

Grant, Leslie. Education.West Meets East: Best Practices from Expert Teachers in the U.S. and China. LB 1025.3 .G724 2014

Han, Eric C. History. Rise of a Japanese Chinatown: Yokohama, 1894-1972. DS 897 .Y69 C553 2014

Hanson, Stephen. Government. Co-editor of Comparative Politics: Interests, Identities, and Institutions in a Changing Global Order. 4th ed. JF 51 .C6235 2014

Hart, Henry. English. Familiar Ghosts. PS 3558 .A6798 A6 2014

Hausman, William J. Economics. Co-editor of Regulation between Legal Norms and Economic Reality: Intentions, Effects, and Adaptation: The German and American Experiences. K 3400 .R44 2014

Hobson, Charles F. Omohundro Institute. The Great Yazoo Lands Sale: The Case of Fletcher v. Peck. KF 228 .F55 H63 2016

Holmes, Marcus. Government. Co-editor of Digital Diplomacy: Theory and Practice. JZ 1305 .D54 2015

Howard, Christopher. Government. Co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Social Policy. e-book

Howard, Christopher. Government. Author of Thinking Like a Political Scientist: A Practical Guide to Research Methods. JA 71 .H69 2017

Jenkins, Kathleen E. Sociology. Sacred Divorce: Religion, Therapeutic Culture, and Ending Life Partnerships. BT 707 .J46 2014

Johnson, Lindy L. Education. Recontextualized: A Framework for Teaching English and Music. LB 1630 .R294 2016

Joyce, Simon. English. Modernism and Naturalism in British and Irish Fiction, 1880-1930. PR 888 .M63 J69 2015

Karakaya-Stump, Ayfer. History. Vekailik, Bektasilik, kizilbaslik: alevi kaynaklarini, tarihini ve tarihyazzimini yenden dusunmek. BP 195 .A74 K373 2015

Kitamura, Hiroshi. History. Haisen to Hariuddo: Senryoka Nihon no Bunka Saiken (Hollywood and Defeat: The Cultural Reconstruction of Japan during the Allied Occupation). PN 1993.5 .J3 K57153 2014

Lambert, Matthew T. Education & Public Policy. Privatization and the Public Good: Public Universities in the Balance. LB 2341 .L2 2014

Leemis, Lawrence. Mathematics. Learning Base R. QA 276.45 .R3 L446 2016

Lelievre, Michelle A. Anthropology and American Studies. Unsettling Mobility: Mediating Mi’Kmaw Sovereignty in Post-Contact Nova Scotia. E 99 .M6 L45 2017

Lowry, Richard. English & Film Studies. The Photographer and the President: Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Gardner, & the Images that Made a Presidency. E457.6 .L69 2015

MacGowan, Christopher. English. Editor of The Cambridge Companion to William Carlos Williams. PS  3545 .I544 Z58255 2016

Martin, Jack B. English & Linguistics. Editor of Creek (Muskogee) Texts. PM 991 .Z77 H33 2015

Mitchell, Molly. VIMS. Co-editor of Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-Based Shoreline Protection. VIMS HT 391 .L58 2017 & e-book

Morreall, John. Religious Studies. 50 Great Myths about Religions. e-book

Morreall, John. Religious Studies. Questions for Christians: The Surprising Truths Behind Basic Beliefs.  BT 77 .M86 2014

Nelson, Scott & Sheriff, Carol. History. The American Civil War at Home. E 468.9 .A47 2014

Niles, Spencer. Education. Career Development Interventions. 5th ed. HF 5381 .N547 2017

Oakley, John H. Classical Studies. Editor of Athenian Potters and Painters III. NK 4645 .A853 2009 & e-book

Ozyegin, Gul. Sociology & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Cultures. HQ 1075.5 .I74 O99 2015 & e-book

Ozyegin, Gul. Sociology & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. New Desires, New Selves: Sex, Love, and Piety among Turkish Youth. HQ 799 .T9 O99 2015

Pope, Jeremy. History. The Double Kingdom under Tahargo: Studies in the History of Kush and Egypt, 690-664 B.C. DT 90 .P67 2014

Prokhorov, Alexander & Prokhorova, Elena. Modern Languages and Literatures & Film Studies. Film and Television Genres of the Late Soviet Era. PN 1993.5 .S65 P75 2017

Porter, Melody. Community Engagement. Working Side by Side: Creating Alternative Breaks as Catalysts for Global Learning, Student Leadership, and Social Change. LC 220.5 .S86 2015

Rodman, Leiba. Mathematics. Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra. QA 196 .R63 2014 & Ebook

Roessler, Philip. Government. Why Comrades go to War: Liberation Politics and the Outbreak of Africa’s Deadliest Conflict. DT 658.25 .R64 2016b

Sawaya, Francesca. English & American Studies. The Difficult Art of Giving: Patronage, Philanthropy, and the American Literary Market. PS 217 .A87 S28 2014

Schechter, Ronald. History. Contributor to The Jews of Modern France: Images and Identities. DS 135 .F83 J494 2016 

Seger, Monica. Italian Studies. Landscapes in Between: Environmental Change in Modern Italian Literature and Film. PQ 4053 .L36 S44 2015

Sheehi, Stephen. Middle East Studies. American Imago: A Social History of Portrait Photography, 1860-1910. TR 113.5 .S54 2016

Spaeth, Barbette Stanley. Classical Studies. The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Mediterranean Religions. BL 687 .S63 2013

Spike, John T. Muscarelle. Caravaggio Connoisseurship: Saint Francis in Meditation and the Capitoline Fortune Teller. ND 623 .C26 A715 2014

Stock, Ann Marie. Modern Languages and Literatures & Film Studies. World Film Locations: Havana. PN 1995.67 .H29 W67 2014 

Stowers, Bob. Business. Lost in a Cornfield: Never Losing Faith. PS 3619 .T6994 L67 2015

Swan, K. Scott. Business. Innovation and Product Management: A Holistic and Practical Approach to Uncertainty Reduction. TS 155 .G38 2015

Swetnam-Burland, Molly. Classical Studies. Egypt in Italy: Visions of Egypt in Roman Imperial Culture. DG 215 .E3 S83 2015

Tschannen-Moran, Megan. Education. Trust Matters: Leadership for Successful Schools. 2nd Ed. LB 2806.4 .T77 2014

Tracy, Gene. Physics. Ray Tracing and Beyond: Phase Space Methods in Plasma Wave Theory. e-book

Wallace, Wanda A. Business. Healer’s Cursed Gift. PS 3623 .A44395 H43 2015

Wallace, Wanda A. Business. Licorice, Mystery, Danger & Love. PS 3623 .A44395 L53 2016

Wallace, Wanda A. Business. Sharing Skin. PS 3623 .A44395 S53 2014

Wallace, Wanda A. Business. The Surprising Schoolmistress. PS 3623 .A44395 S87 2014

Wallace, Wanda A. Business. Vapor’s Endearment. PS 3623 .A44395 V37 2014

Williams, Lois A. Education. The Standards Decoded, Grades 6-8.  QA 135.6 .M542 2016

Wu, Xin. Art and Art History. Patricia Johanson and the Reinvention of Public Environmental Art, 1958-2010.  N 6537 .J57 W8 2012

Wu, Xin. Art. The Realm of Mountain-Water: Gardens and Landscapes in Chinese Culture. On Order.

Zutshi, Chitralekha. History. Kashmir’s Contested Pasts: Narratives, Sacred Geographies, and the Historical Imagination. DD 485 .K25 Z88 2014 & e-book