Dulin Learning Center

Use of the Dulin Learning Center is governed by all other library and college policies.

The Dulin Learning Center, located on the first floor of Swem, is primarily available to support library instruction, which includes course-related classes, workshops, and library "labs."

When the Dulin Learning Center is not being used for library instruction, it serves as an extension of the Information Commons.


There are 20 computer workstations in the Dulin Learning Center. The maximum recommended occupancy is 40 people. 

No additional software or programs are to be loaded onto the student workstations.

The classroom is equipped to display video, print, computer and Internet-based resources, with sound capability, a ceiling-mounted projector and retractable screen.  The classroom has wired and wireless internet access.

The instructor's podium should not be moved at any time.  The control panel interfaces with all display and presentation equipment.  The podium is wired to receive input from a laptop, if desired.  The connecting cabling for the laptop is on the podium's work surface.  There is no need to adjust internal podium wiring.  Additional software or programs may be loaded onto instructor's station if the software is needed for teaching.  Please contact Paul Showalter, the Coordinator of Library Instruction and Assessment, before loading any software or programs onto the Instructor's Station.

Instructions for starting and shutting down the instruction equipment are mounted on the podium.  If you are unsure about any of the procedures, please contact Paul Showalter.

Scheduling the Learning Center

Only library staff may schedule the Dulin Learning Center.  Requests for library instruction in the Dulin Learning Center should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Faculty may request instruction sessions by using the instruction request form.