Summer 2017

Faculty and Staff

President W. Taylor Reveley III

Commencement Honorary Degree Recipients

Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of The Aspen Institute:


Carrie Cooper, Dean of University Libraries:

Kelly Crace, Assistant Vice-President for Health and Wellness:

Department of Art & Art History

Elizabeth Mead:

Eliot Dudik:

Biology Department

Kurt Williamson:

Randy Chambers:

Beverly Sher:

Chemistry Department

Tyler Meldrum:

Department of Classical Studies

Economics Department

Nathaniel Throckmorton:

Peter McHenry:

Donald Campbell:

Brian Beach:

Department of English

Arthur Knight:

Francesca Sawaya:

Chelsey Johnson:

Keith Johnson:

Adam Potkay:

Suzanne Raitt:

Mary Melfi:

Monica Potkay:

Kara Thompson:

Department of Geology

Rowan Lockwood:

Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations

Tyler Frazier:


Department of Government

Michael Tierney:

Debra Shushan:

Larry Evans:

Paul Manna:

Amy Oakes:

Dan Maliniak:

Department of Mathematics

Cary Humber:

Department of Modern Languages & Literatures

Julie Hugonny:

  • Saga by Brian Vaughan

Jorge Terukina:

John Riofrio:

Michael Cronin:

Giulia Pacini:

Tomoyuki Sasaki:

Teresa Longo:

Jennifer Taylor:

Mason School of Business

William Stauffer:

Jim Bradley:

Department of Music

James Armstrong:

Katherine Preston:

Department of Philosophy

Timothy Costelloe:

Physics Department

Eugene Tracy:

Department of Religious Studies

Marc Lee Raphael:

Department of Sociology

Thomas Linneman:

Elyas Bakhtiari:

Shruti Devgan: