What People Are Saying

"I cannot imagine my experience at W&M without the media center. It really was an incredibly inspiring place to both work and create. The experience was definitely one of the most valuable things I took from the college."
- Zack Keifer '07

"The Swem Media Center is the digital playground for our great liberal arts college needs. These computers, cameras, microphones and multimedia equipment are the tools that will equip our students to be great storytellers when they go out in the world."
- Kevin Heraldo '04

"What I learned at the Swem Media Center continues to be a part of my everyday life, both professional and personal. The expansion of the MC will allow it to continue to serve all areas of the college, from the arts to the Business School, with greater flexibility, greater resources, and will open the door to greater creativity and collaboration among multiple disciplines."
- Matt Sonnenfeld '12

"The Media Center is an essential source of equipment, knowledge, and support for my classes at W&M.The wisdom, support, and equipment of the Media Center has been essential to my teaching at W&M.Technology is central to 21st century pedagogy; the Media Center offers an impressive suite of support, technology, and wisdom for my classes at W&M."
- Christopher DeLaurenti, visiting assistant professor of music

"Swem's Media Center is on the forefront of the College's innovative liberal arts education for the 21st century. W&M's commitment to student-centered, hands-on teaching and learning cannot do without the work, resources, and unique creative space the MC and its staff are providing for students and faculty.  All I have learned and experienced through my time and collaborations with the Swem MC has transformed my teaching, my interests and endeavors as a scholar, and my relationships with my students.  When I'm in the MC, the binary of teacher/student dissolves away and we move to a new place of uniquely inspired and inspiring education as a shared practice.   Inspired, energized, grateful, thankful...these only begin to describe my feelings about Swem's MC."
- Tim Barnard, visiting assistant professor of American Studies

"The media center staff were integral to the success of my Science Communication course in Spring 2014. Troy and his team organized professional workshops for my students on video, radio, and photography, and instantly the thrilled students (with once enigmatic equipment in hand) were off recording video, audio, and images and editing mini movies, podcasts, and photo essays. Within months they had polished media projects ready to present to a room of faculty, staff, and area community members. The value of this team and the resources and support they provide the William and Mary community is inestimable. The upcoming renovation is sure to amplify these benefits for faculty and students in an invaluable way, particularly in a time when media skills are necessary for success in so many occupations."
- Dorothy Ibes, Environmental Science & Policy

"The Media Center is a real gem at the College.  The staff and resources enable faculty to integrate interesting and valuable video-based assignments into our courses.  According to students, the campaign commercial assignment that the media center makes possible is the highlight of my class about the U.S. Congress."
- C. Lawrence Evans, Newton Family Professor, Dept. of Government