Accessibility Services by Department

We are ready to assist you in locating and retrieving information or materials.  We'll help you search the library catalog, databases, and other resources; find materials; and use library equipment. 

For any services that might require a designated staff member, such as a research appointment or tour, please contact the appropriate departments before you arrive.  

Circulation, Reserves & Document Delivery - Accessibility Services   

CONTACT: (757) 221-3072

We will

  • Meet patrons at one of the library's back doors; please call ahead at 757-221-3072 during business hours
  • Accompany patrons to the shelves and help pull materials
  • Retrieve library materials from shelves and hold them at the appropriate public service desk
  • Pull sections of materials from shelves and place them on a cart for a patron to browse
  • Assist with completing forms, such as an application for a library card and requests for reserves and storage materials
  • Assist with checking out library materials
  • Assist faculty with reserves: pulling items, ordering items, linking electronic sources
  • Deliver and retrieve library materials on campus
  • Accommodate mailing of materials, when possible
  • Accommodate use of proxies to check out materials for a person with accessibility needs
  • Extend loan periods and waive late fines

Research Department - Accessibility Services     

CONTACT: (757) 221-5167

We will

  • Provide research assistance in person and by mail, email, instant messaging, or telephone
  • Retrieve reference and government information materials
  • Identify and order/purchase special formats of library materials
  • Work with W&M accessibility departments and with state agencies to provide you with the equipment, software, and other resources for your specific needs
  • Give custom tours of the library

Interlibrary Loan Department - Accessibility Services

CONTACT: (757) 221-3089

We will:

  • Assist with placing interlibrary loan requests
  • Obtain accessible formats whenever possible
  • Deliver and retrieve library materials on campus
  • Accommodate mailing of materials, when possible

Special Collections Research Center - Accessibility Services    

CONTACT: (757) 221-3090

We will

  • Provide assistance identifying desired research materials with the Center's online and print finding aids and databases
  • Retrieve materials and, as time permits, provide additional help
  • Provide limited research assistance in response to requests via email, mail, or telephone
  • Provide accessible copies, when possible

Reeder Media Center - Accessibility Services      

CONTACT: (757) 221-1378

We will

  • Assist with multimedia and A/V equipment

Please contact the media desk at least 48 hours in advance.


Please let us know about any special accommodations you need and if there are any other accommodations you would like us to provide. Contact David Morales.