William & Mary Faculty Writers' Retreat

The Provost's Office and William & Mary Libraries offer a twice-yearly Writers’ Retreat in Swem Library.  The purpose of the retreat is to give faculty uninterrupted time to work on a specific writing project, complete research, edit a manuscript, or prepare a grant proposal.  The retreat provides quiet space in Swem Library, along with food, beverages, and (perhaps most importantly) STRUCTURE. 

The retreat takes place twice a year, typically the week before classes begin in January, and the week after commencement in May, with full-time and part-time scheduling options (see application).  Accepted applicants are expected to work on their writing for at least 6 hours per day (full-time participants); or 3 hours per day (part-time participants).  All faculty members are eligible to apply, including adjunct faculty, full-time staff who serve as adjuncts, professionals, and professional faculty.  Those who have contemporaneous administrative responsibilities should obtain supervisor approval.  

Apply here