Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces

Notice for this summer and into early fall: Beginning in May, the windows on all four levels of the front of Swem Library will be replaced. Due to the disruption, the following space is not available:

  • Swem Patio

Swem Library has spaces that are available for use by W&M faculty and staff (see below).

  • Spaces are reserved through LibCal or by library staff.
  • Before contacting the library, please review the room’s policies for photos, use guidelines, restrictions, and reservation process (see below).
  • There is no cost for room reservations.
  • Our room reservation program is linked to the Library Hours calendar. Therefore, you cannot reserve a space past the last day that has scheduled hours (see calendar), and the Circulation department normally does not schedule the library’s hours past each academic semester (ex. you cannot reserve a room six months in advance).

  • NOTICE: Unless requested at the time of the reservation, technology assistance is not provided by the Media Center or library staff.
  • Required information to reserve a room:
    • Reservation Name (this will be made public)
    • Name
    • Email & Phone Number
    • Expected Attendance
    • Do you need the TV/Computer?
    • Do you need technology assistance?
    • Is this a catered event?


Botetourt Gallery 20 - 30 Contact Us
Botetourt Screening Room 20 Contact Us
Botetourt Theatre 60 Contact Us
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Cox Classroom 20 Contact Us
Ford Classroom 50 Contact Us
Kyle Classroom 17 Contact Us
Lobby & Outdoor Tabling - Contact Us
Research Room - Reserve now >
Swem Patio   Unavailable Summer - early Fall 2023
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