Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces

Swem Library has spaces that are available for use by W&M faculty and staff on a limited basis for university activities. These rooms are primarily reserved for library instruction and library events. On occasion, we reserve the spaces for events where the library is partnering with another unit or organization on campus.

Please contact your faculty liaison or External Relations if you are interested in booking one of these areas.

  • Before contacting the library, please review the room’s policies for usage guidelines, restrictions, and technology and catering considerations. Policies are available in the Policies section of the website under the Rooms/Spaces section.
  • There is no cost for room reservations.
  • Our room reservation program is linked to the Library Hours calendar and is limited to the current semester (ex. you cannot reserve a room six months in advance).

  • NOTICE: Unless requested at the time of the reservation, technology assistance is not provided by the Media Center or library staff. Please contact the Media Center to make arrangements ahead of time.
  • If you are hosting an event that will be catered, please be aware that food served at events must be provided by a licensed caterer due to food safety concerns. Alcohol served at events must be provided by a caterer with an ABC license. 


Botetourt Screening Room 20 Contact Us
Botetourt Theatre 60 Contact Us
Brown Board Room 14 Reserve now >
Cox Classroom 20 Contact Us
Ford Classroom 50 Contact Us
Kyle Classroom 17 Unavailable summer 2024
Lobby & Outdoor Tabling - Contact Us
Research Room - Reserve now >
Swem Patio (front entrance of Swem)   Unavailable summer 2024
Conservation Patio (side entrance by Small Hall)   Reserve now >